Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Cook Book: Betty Crocker

Look what I found for $2 at a garage sale down the street from my house. It's a first edition Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook, copyright 1950. I love the funny little illustrations, and the tips written in rhyme:

It's best to use ingredients
The recipe recommends;
But if you have to substitute,
This list solution lends.


Do keep a ruler handy,
To measure pans it's dandy.
Place the rule across the top,
Right size pan prevents a flop!

It's also interesting to read the "food storage" advice, because a lot of it is so different from how things are done now. According to this book coffee and tea are supposed to be refrigerated immediately after opening, and you're only supposed to keep a week's supply on hand.

I'm also digging all of the pictures of "modern" kitchens, they're so cool! I'm finally starting to understand why my mother would watch the Dick Van Dyke show and go on and on about the furniture :)

Anyway, I love my new cook book and I've already used one of the recipes to make an awesome pumpkin pie filling. The only sad thing is that the book's really musty and starts bothering my allergies if I read it for very long.

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